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How would you term the non medical parts of patient care? I'm a pre-nursing student, and I'm working on a paper about technology like the Caring-bridge type websites, the "concierge" nursing concept,... Read More

  1. by   brandnewjerseyrn
    The hospital I work at has a floor called the pavilionwhich is for patients that pay an additional $500 (I think) a night for more "upscale" care. They not only have the usual nursing care but they have a concierge, a chef that cooks food like lobster tails for dinner, they have a massage therapist that comes around, they have better linens than the rest of the hospital, etc. I myself have never seen the pavilion but I know that it is very controversial in our hospital. The pavilion has a certain number of designated beds and our hospital always is overcrowded but they refuse to put people who won't pay the extra bucks into the pavilion, resulting in patients waiting in the er for a few days for beds on the other floors, while there are usually 6-8 empty beds in the pavilion. The medical and nursing care is no different but they just pay the extra money for all the upscale stuff.