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:angryfire I am super angry at my night shift. I have never met such a mean group of people. As the manager and the person who does the schedule I placed a request for the staff to cover 2 days... Read More

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    The unit I work in also helps each other out as best as possible. We also socialize togetherjquite a bit and are a relatively happy family. We have our moments but we always have each others back. I have been here 15 years and a number of nurses have been here longer
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    I am also fortunate to work on a supportive, close-knit unit, where these issues are nearly always worked out to everyones' satisfaction.

    We use a 3-cycle (alternating annually) holiday rotation. Those who choose to work 12-hr shifts get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off every third year. Those who choose to work 8-hr shifts work an extra holiday per cycle. As holidays are sometimes overstaffed due to census, we draw names of those scheduled for the holiday a few days prior, and staff are low-censused in that order. Those who wish to work cross their names off the list to give the next person down a chance.
    For vacations, we sign up for each week in rotation by seniority. Single days off can be requested at any time prior to the finalization of the next cyclical schedule. Only 2 licensed staff are allowed to request off per 24-hr weekday. (Emergent situations allow this rule to be "bent".) Appropriate trades are nearly always approved. Any rare conflict is resolved by the unit manager. We are a small unit, and our acuity is high. Everyone must work together for the good of the patients...and each other. (btw, we are not union)

    littlecheese...Night shift staff frequently feel as if they "get the short end of the stick" in a daytime world (personal experience here). Has anyone delved into possible causes for these nurses' dissatisfaction? Is there a way to involve more than one person in the scheduling duties? Could there be a way to "reorganize" your staffing policy to avoid these conflicts? (Maybe even keep time-off requests confidential until they are approved?)
    I am sad to hear you work with "professionals" with such strange ideas of cooperation...

    obrnheather...sign me up for the "naive and lucky" crowd...
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