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One of my biggest pet peeves is the goody two shoes hero act. It's so unprofessional, it really degrades the sense of a team, and vilifying others to make yourself look good is just plain immature. ... Read More

  1. by   Perpetual Student
    Quote from gmw1975
    I'd be ok with someone doing that to me if it was CLEARLY in a joking manner. Also, I think I'd expect some sort of an explanation afterwards. Something along the lines of "hey, I'm really sorry I did that, but I was only trying to calm the patient down and it seemed to be working." But, I'm also very thick skinned. I'm guessing you're somewhat thick skinned too, because I know a few people who would've put him in his place right then and there! =) Sorry you had a bad experience with this guy. Maybe he'll get on staff at another hospital or something.
    It wouldn't be quite so bad if the situation were reversed. That is to say, if the patient's nurse made that comment jokingly about another nurse providing assistance, but in this circumstance it undermined the nurse-pt relationship.