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  1. Thank you for all your replies... I guess I should have mentioned where we are! Lois you were bang on in your summation of the short forms... PSW=personal support worker(health care aide) and RPN=registered practical nurse... but we don't live in a third world country we live in Canada! As for your disection of my message you are exactly right... they will be hiring the laid off nurses as personal support workers without a certificate but the nurses that they have not laid off must obtain a personal support worker certificate!.. It sounds very cruel and wrong to me.. if they are allowing some laid off nurses (with less seniority) to do these jobs then they should be allowing the other nurses who wish to take a step back into the same jobs without the certification! My mom does not want to leave because she has seniority and benefits however she is only part time/casual... but if she were to get a full time psw job she would make about $2 less per hour but it is still a good livign when you live by yourself... wages in Canada for the most part are very poor so if she were to leave she would not find a comparable salary... thanks again ladies! Tracy
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