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  1. Anyone feel that there is a technology that has been utilized by nurses in the past 2 to 3 years that has made a real impact on your practice? I'm currently working on a research project exploring the impact of technology on nursing practice, and would love to hear if technology has helped any of you in your practice...big or small any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
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  3. by   Sunnybrook
    I am very interested in hearing the responses to your question as well. I am a critical care nurse working for a medical device manufacturer, and technology is my life!

    What I see as I am in the hospitals across the nation is that computer technology has made the most difference in the routines and delivery of patient care. From computerized patient monitoring systems to direct order entry to automated MAR's and clinical information systems to the Pyxis for security and inventory control, the computer revolution has improved the patient care delivery system.

    There are also some downsides to the technology, such as privacy issues and downtimes, but over all, I think the computer revolution has had the most widespread impact on nursing practice.