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  1. I really need suggestions for studying for the TEAS test. What is the best way to do it? I have read that a lot of people did not find the study guide to be at all helpful . If anyone has any other suggestions or comments please share them. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   Bean79
    I personally did not study for the TEAS test and scored well. But there were a few areas that I could see would cause issues if they are problem areas already. Some things are very basic, but as you progress question do become harder. I think if you focus on reading comprehension, grammar, and math (fractions, adding multiplying, converting) and basic algebra you should be fine. The most challenging for me were the GEometry questions (mainly because I never liked the subject and dont use it in real life) and some of the chemistry/physics stuff. You can also touch up on General science subjects. I noticed a lot of the questions seemed to focus on following directions (like, turn triangle clock-wise, add square, flip picture 90 degrees, type stuff).

    I will admit I was very nervous, especially since some areas I havent practiced in over 10 years, but I came out ok and scored an 87%. I just took my time and answered what I could confidently and tried not to dwell on questions I had no clue about. Sorry I couldnt be more helpful to you. Good Luck to you and Wish me luck too, I hope I get into school )
  4. by   mskitty23
    Im sure you will do just fine. I can't believe how well you did on the TEAS without studying. I don't think I would be that lucky. When I was doing the sample tests online I didn't understand half of what they were asking. Word problems especially! Good luck to you and thanks for the advice. :wink2: