Support for our friends in war.

  1. There are many nurses ,EMT and DR's etc comming home from war in the middle east. Does anyone have ideas of how to support them. The transition from war medicine to civilian medicine must be tremendous. I can't imagine what our friends have gone through over there. Every time I watch Bagdad ER.(?sp) I can't get it out of my head for weeks. Going through it would be life changing. Many workers over there say they "just put the trauma of what is going on out of their minds ". As an ER Icu nurse I know what they mean, but seeing that kind of trauma hour after hour day after day for years has to have a big impact . Most people can only do that for so long before it catches up with them. As they start to work in the general population how can we support them? If there are any military medical staff out there reading this. Thank you for what you do.:angel2:
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