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Study: 40+ hospital drug errors a day Incorrect prescriptions, messy handwriting among problems ASSOCIATED PRESS CHICAGO, Sept. 8-More than 40 potentially harmful drug errors daily... Read More

  1. by   chicory
    My hospital is supposed to be getting the new barcode med admin. system this month. We are dreading it, already forseeing the problems involved. It's already a problem getting meds. Our pharmacy is understaffed too, so half our time is spent hunting the meds down in the first place, then passing them--constant interruptions, and as so often is the case we are doing total care so yes, it's ridiculous. Oh, and no unit clerk, so I wonder what it will be like w/the labels and armbands..and then it often takes forever to get patients into the system when they are admitted--oh Lord.
  2. by   MPHkatie
    If we counted all the errors and the supposed errors (meds given 10 min early or late).. (I don't count a held med as an error because if the med is ehld there should be documentation as to why it wasn't given at the specific time). I think we could easily find 40 in one big unit. One big help for us is that we have just hired a pharmacist for your department, she mixes up drips during codes and is abailable to answer questiosn right on the unit, rather than calling and being put on hold a million times...and she keeps us up to date on new stuff. true she only works 9-5, but it has helped us cut down on mismixing out meds- we make all our own drips and abx so theres a big potential for errors.