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Should I tell my nursing school I have ADHD??? I have been debating this issue for a while now. I am currently in nursing school and half way through med surg. I have ADHD and on medication. I am... Read More

  1. by   Cdkipp
    Canadian, Look into taking a low dose of Inderal, a beta blocker (I don't remember generic name--but I get a break because I am only pre nursing).

    I have a familial tremor which is exacerbated by stress. My hands visibly shake and it is very visible if I am holding a piece of paper or if I was holding a medical instrument. If I am giving a speech or other high anxiety situation it is awful and I get preoccupied with it. My Uncle, a neurologist, suggested inderal and it works like a charm. I only take a low dose and I just take it when I know I will be in a situation where my hand shaking will be a problem.

    I KNOW I will be taking it during clinicals. Look into it. It is a blood pressure medication and does not affect you mentally at all.

    I also agree with Elks advice on ADHD