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  1. Hi, i am a 6th quarter nursing student. Or should i say "just a two year" student lol. Anyway this is my final quarter, i have about 7 weeks left. Right now we are learning EKG's and stuff. I was wondering if anyone had any good websites to help me study for this exam. I feel like my brain is fried and it's not possible to learn anymore. I was asking nurses at the hospital i do clinical in and they were shocked we were going over this, their two year program didn't have to do EKG's. I'm not complaining really i'm glad we are learning this, something of interest to me. But i'm struggling to keep my head above water here. I need some study suggestions if anyone can offer them.
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  3. by   nursejohio
    Try looking in the critical care forums, CCU. I'm pretty sure there are a few discussion about ekg interpretation with links to websites you can check out. Here's one that I liked when I was taking ACLS