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  1. Hi my name is Ivy
    I am a student doing their certificate 2 in aged care work by corrospondence, Lately with things i have been really stressed well i think as i am only 23, i do volunteer work 2 days a week when i went their on tuesday just gone, when i got there my boss just in general conversation asked about my course ok right she went on with it all day, and asked about my workplacement, then when i went to leave that afternoon i said bye, she said you going it was ovious that i was i went to leave and down the hall way she yells ivy ivy u still there and i didnt respond she yelled my name like a banshi like ivy ivy ivy?
    then the next day comes she was say didnt u hear me say haray to u, i was just asking or going to ask u how u workplacment was, then i said to her i didnt hear her cuase someone was talking to me which i lied about that, she said with a smile on her face still when she said all of this and I THOUGHt u had problem, u had problem, and i said no theres no problems here.
    no one else makes me stressed like her its worse when she is
    i mean some get on mynerves but anyway
    what should i do
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  3. by   luvmy3kids
    I'm a little confused by your post so bear with me.... Are you upset because this person keeps asking you the same questions over and over?? Or are you upset about something else she is doing?? If you are angry that she won't leave you alone, I would just let her know that you are busy with everything going on in your life and you have enough on your plate volunteering 2x a week as it is.

    If I've missed the boat on this one, I apologize. I'm just not quite sure what you are upset about.

    Sorry.... hope things go better for you soon though. Take care.

  4. by   SWEETIVY
    Hey lovmy kids
    your right
    its just i got a lot on we had the other day in also
    a reverend to do a church service
    he was saying about his daughter no one really bothered with her much
    then she got a job
    he told her that it takes time
    and i felt like he was saying it to me to

    anyway talk soon