Stressed regarding mom health???

  1. I think I'm just looking for a little imput from those with different perspectives. My mom just turned 54 2 weeks ago. Last July was dx with cervical ca stage3A, extremely virulent form. Complete hysterectomy performed without complications. Then side effects from darvocet (hallucinations etc) that masked peritonitis/bowel obstruction. She was not expected to live and did. Ended up with kidney dialysis x 2 episodes. She has PKD--polycystic kidney disease. One year check today with cancer free. Last nephro visit last week showed 17% kidney function. She has had a chronic lt shoulder/arm pain for a few months, mri didn't indicate anything. Scheduled a bone scan for next Monday to rule out bone cancer--just a check/not expected--you know the drill. She is to spend 3 days testing in Sept for transplant testing. They don't even want to consider dialysis. She's being treated at Mayo (postive thing, not at my employeer. We have a great cancer center, but she is complicated with the kidneys etc and my mom.

    I guess I don't know what to expect anymore. Each visit requires 2 more visits and I'm feeling run down mentally dealing with this. This is our first parental illness and it's been a long year.

    Can I expect the same results from the bone scan that the mri showed no injuries/damange to indicate the pain. Am I just blocking logic from my mind??? I am frankly more terrified of another cancer issue at this point. Another cancer dx and she will not qualify for the transplant list. Much less a possibiltiy of bone ca. She states Mayo drs. informed her that my brother and I wouldn't even be considered for donors due to us having young children (him 3 and me 5) I don't know if this is true or her way of not wanting this from us. I'm overwhelmed and this combined is so beyond my mental grasp as it is a loved one.

    I don't know what to think, it was a 60 hour week. TIA for any pointers.
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    Now to finish my message------you need a shoulder and a prayer session. I worked dialysis for 4 years---there are worse things than dialysis. Transplants have potential complications, too. I would think that this test will show no cancer, also. But, you don't know until the results. As far as if you are a canditate for transplant donor or not, I am unsure. But wouldn't think your family would hold you up. Recovery period is not long for donor---6wks to 3 months at longest.
    I guess I am of no use. I am scared of illness with my parents, also. I guess we take it one step at a time. One prayer at a time.
    I am here to listen if I can help..