Storm Wounds Still Need to be Nursed-licensing boards making it so difficult

  1. In my local newspaper, Newsday, on Long Island, there was an article today called Storm Wounds Still Need to be Nursed. The essence of the article was that a nurse from St. Tammany Parish Hospital in Covington La. was lucky enough to have relatives here and to get a job at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York. When she got here, she was told that she was unable to get the job, because she didn't have a license to practice in NY. NY couldn't verify that Jessica had a Louisiana license. Louisiana kept saying they had sent everything to NY that was needed. NY kept insisting that Louisiana had sent nothing. Joye Brown, a Newsday Commentator, called the Louisiana board, tenmporarily located in Baton Rouge. She couldn't get through. She tried to call the NY board and also couldn't get through. She finally got through to Long Island Jewish Medical Center, and they had verified Jessica's license. Jessia was supposed ro begin her job on Dec. 5th. It took the interference of a Nesday Reporter to straighten out the problem with the two boards. Now on Dec. 16, she can finally work. This is a quote from Joye Brown, the Newsday reporter, " Long Island needs nurses. Long Island should not forget others hit by Katrina. We can-and should-keep helping them , one by one if necessary." So if there are any nurses hit by Katrina who would like to work on Long Island, you can notify Joye Brown at Joye.Brown If you want to read the article, look on Why do the state boards make it so difficult for people to get in touch with them? Personally, I am trying to get a Florida license. There was no one taking calls at the Florida Board. I left a message, and no one responded. I emailed them-no response.???????????? Krisssy
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