Stories for Halloween

  1. This happened about three months ago.. On night duty I often carry the emergency bleep as the senior nurse on duty.
    One night one of the Oncology wards called me urgently needing an antibiotic (Tazocin) that they did not stock and they needed this drug ASAP.
    As my own surgical ward carried this drug routinely I offered to take a supply over to Ward 9.
    The three Oncology wards are located in the oldest part of the hospital. They all lead off the same corridor.
    As i was walking down the corridor that leads to Ward9 I distinctly heard footsteps close behind me.
    I stopped and looked around but there was no-one to be seen. The corridor was empty.
    A bit spooked by this I hurried into Ward 9 and delivered the Tazocin.
    I mentioned the footsteps to the Sister of the ward, thinking we might have an intruder as commonly happens and thinking of calling the night porters
    .To my very great surprise the Sister of Ward 9 shook her head and said "There will be a soul passing over tonight". She told me that the footsteps were heard when a patient was due to die.
    Not believing a word of this I went back to my own ward.
    All was peaceful until 4AM when my bleep went off summoning me to an ultimately fatal cardiac arrest on yes....Ward 9.
    A coincidence?
    What odd stories do you have?
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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    That's a great one.

    I'm not a nurse, so I don't work in a hospital, but one Halloween night when I was about 5 or 6, my mother couldn't get a sitter. She worked the night shift as an area hospital, so her supervisor gave her permission to take me to work so I could sleep in one of the beds for her 11 pm. to 7 a.m. shift.

    Well, the different nurses would come and check on me from time to time during the night, and each time one of them came in, I would always ask, "Do you think anyone died in this bed? Since it's Halloween, do you think I'll get to see a ghost?"
  4. by   MVH119
    Come on folks share your scary haunting stories