Stethoscopes - Ultrascope vs Cardiology III?

  1. I am shopping for a new stethoscope, and I am thinking about getting either a Littman Cardiology III or an Ultrascope.

    What I am seeing by browsing threads on this board and elsewhere is that once users have tried an Ultrascope, they never go back to using a Littman, no matter how pleased they originally were with the performance of their Littman, even if they had been using a higher quality one like the Cardiology III.

    My question is this: Is there anybody out there who continues to favor the performance provided by a Cardiology III after they have tried an Ultrascope? Or is satisfaction with a high quality Littman largely dependent on the user never having used an Ultrascope?

    Please tell.

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  3. by   FlyGuyRN
    Don't know if this will help but... I used a cheap Littman during nursing school and shortly after I graduated. I thought it worked fine. I recieved a Master Classic as a gift. I couldn't believe the incredible difference in sound quality. That stethoscope was stolen (by a that). When I started to use my original Littman again I couldn't hear anything, I really mean nothing! It was like using a toy. After shopping around I decided to purchase the Master Cardiology. I absolutely love it. It is expensive but it's an investment. Just yesterday I had a pt that had never been told he had a heart murmur, I was the first one to hear it and tell him. I had a doc come into verify for me because I could hear the murmur over every valve, which apparently is common. For me it's validation that I have good assessment skills. My best advice is to get your name imprinted/engraved and never put it down because it will end up missing. I know that was a long one and I didn't address the ultrascope but I have no experience with that stethoscope. If your interested I found my stethoscope on They have an "all black" edition that is very sharp. The entire thing is black..diaphram, tube, nech things, ear pieces etc. I just got home from work and I'm babbling. Hope you find some help in this mess, and sorry about my spelling.