Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinson's

  1. My Father was Dx with Parkinson's about 5yrs ago and is doing pretty good so far except that he was just put on Sinemet which his doctor says is the last thing she can try. The other medications that he was on caused severe side effects such as severe muscle stiffness causing him to not be able to walk and horrible nightmares causing him to scream and cry in his sleep as well as kick and strike out in his sleep leaving my mother black and blue all over. Now my oldest brother has heard of a research project in the LosAngeles area where they take stem cells from the patient's brain and culture them in the lab for a year. From what I understand, they watch the cells and the patient for a year. I have heard of one person that they re-implanted the cells into and that patient is suposidly doing alot better (Although, the people that my brother talked to say that re-implantation is not part of the project, just watching the cells and patient for the year, I guess to see what happens to each during that time). My parents have checked this out with my Father's doc and she says that it is a good idea and they have an appointment next month in California. Have any of you heard of this new treatment/research? I am interested in finding out whatever I can.
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