Start precepting tomorrow

  1. We just had our final exam yesterday. I have no clue what I got on it but the instructor said that if we passed we didn't get a phone call between 6 and 7 last night. Well I didn't get a phone call, so that is great news. That means I am precepting tomorrow. Wed and Thur 3-11 for the next 5 weeks, then grad May 19th. We take our final exam first, because if you don't pass in theory, which is psych and neuro then you can't precept because you have failed the course! I needed a 57 on the final to pass and I am sure I got way over that.

    My mom passed away March 30th and the funeral was last week and I have been so depressed but hanging in there. I only studied for the final this past weekend but Thank God it was only psych and neuro content. I want to work in oncology now. My mom passed at the age 52, 7 days before she was to be 53, from Inflammatory Breast Cancer, an extremely rare, aggressive form of breast cancer. But I am pushing on because this is what she would want. I missed 2 clinicals for neuro, one the day I found out, the second was the funeral. So I have til the end of the semester to attend some kind of neuro workshop and type a paper. But no more tests. The only test we have is the HESI, and that is in 4 weeks.

    Anyhows I'm off to read threads for awhile. Have a great day and God Bless!

    ADN grad in 5 weeks
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