1. I would love to here some nursing jokes, preferably new, but I'm not going to complain. My wife and I are both nurses and have come to love the humor many of you have shared on this site. Please indulge me, its better than TV and works like medicine...
    TODD from Tulsa...
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  3. by   buckboomer
    Todd, What is the difference between an oral thermometer, and a rectal thermometer? The taste! After working in Er, I noticed a common ailment, saloon arthritis, where one gets stiff in a different joint each night. These same customers usually have dunlap's disease, where the belly done lap over the belt. Read riddle books. They can truly be inspiring. On vacations, my family would get riddle and song books, to pass the time. I also use these same riddles in my neuro checks. I tell a juvenile riddle, and ask the same one 5 or 10 minutes later, to see if they respond appropriately, and or remember the riddle. I was told after my clinicals 11 years ago, not to even think about OB nursing. The rationale, is most new MDs in this area are female. I have seen only one male in OB in the hospital, I used to work in. He was written up regularly. I hope you enjoy your career.
  4. by   FamilymanRNBSN L/D
    Thanks for your humor, I bring this stuff to work with me and I laugh at the people at work. You see they hardly smile at all sometimes and I enjoy working with them so much, it hurts to see them sooooooo serious about their job, and themselves. I feel sometimes like it my own personal mission to make them laugh and breathe. Granted their shouldn't be more than one person like me on at the same time or the whole place could lose all sence of credibility. I've been known to even take the large lights we use for delivery and shine it on occasion at the foot of the patients bed, when I have been asked for the gagilenth time when I think baby will arive, and what we can do to speed things up...I tell them that on occasion I have see this (head towards the light, this way out trick) bring the baby out sooner. Many actully so intent on trusting me initially respond with a open mind only to realize I've sucessfully proved to them I have no clue as to when their baby will decide to cooperate and come on down...
    Thanks again for your jokes, keep them coming...Todd from Tulsa