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  1. Wow, there has sure been a lot said about the ANA, and the nursing profession. The posts I've read have led me to this post.

    Regarding the "apathetic ninny" idea:

    The thought that one who does not "belong" to a professional nursing organization must be an apathetic ninny is insane. It would be easier to swallow if they were just thought of apathetic but to throw ninny in is wrong. I have children but I do not pay dues or belong to an organization that advances the rights of parents. This does not mean I am apathetic nor does it make me a ninny.

    Regarding apathy in general:

    When I consider joining the ANA I am asking myself what I care about and how much I care. Now if I care a great deal then I should be an activist and merely belonging and being active may not be enough for me. If I am really happy with the current state of things I may feel there is no need.

    When I give money to a charity I want to know what they are doing with my money and if it is really making a difference. I feel the same when it comes to joining an organization. Basically I AM apathetic (but I ain't no ninny).

    I am happy with the amount of money I make and the opportunities that are afforded me. I have a good benefit package and my work environment is suited to my tastes. Instead of lobbying for change within the hospital environ I have chosen to leave it. That's not entirely apathetic, I just chose to change my day to day life on my own.

    There are plenty of things I would like to see change, but I am not going to be an activist about it. As far as nursing being veiwed as a laborious profession - well it is, so? Labor unions have been pretty successful in negotiating acceptable working environments for years.

    Basically, if you don't like the conditions you work in then either change them or lobby to change them, but don't just constantly vent. If we are not satisfied with the outcomes acheived by the ANA then take an active role in changing those outcomes or distance yourself from them. There just isn't tolerance in the world for bickering.

    At least not in my world.

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