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Has anyone ever experienced a really bad sleep hangover? A sleep hangover is when you have self-induced sleep deprivation for a few nights, and when you do have opportunity to sleep, and you sleep... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    I heard in a PT's room on the news tonight that "women who sleep too much or too little are 40% prone to heart disease." Heh - I thought I was the one who started this discussion.

    There are 10 hours before I have to wake up and go until this time tomorrow. Nursing school is a breeze.. I begged to leave work 4 hours early.

    I plan to sleep a good 8 now, but this is the moment neuro-transmiters can start to vibrate on me. I'll start to procastinate my own sleep. Not.

    Let the flow of sleep wash me into deep delta waves for so long i dream tiny particles. I'm sorry :-(