SJDC Spring 2017

  1. Hello everyone, I am applying to SJDC this semester as soon as the application is avaliable. I was curious if anyone knows what the cut off was for the last cohort? If anyone could let me know I would greatly appreciate it!! Goodluck to everyone.
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    I applied as well. Did yo get called for supporting documents?
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    Yes! I am going to submit my packet sometime this week. How about you?!
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    I am not able to download or see the pdf file to see what documents I need to submit. I am waiting on a response. Super anxious and nervous because i would like to turn them in as soon as possible. I have no idea how many points I had. Like no clue.
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    The first link will show the app you filled so you could basically figure out what points you applied with and the other is the request doc info. I got mine to work by right clicking on the link then hitting EXPORT FIELD DOCUMENTS, then saving it to my desktop... let me know if it works for you!
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    By the way there is another thread with a few more people on it, it's under: san joaquin delta college ADN program spring 2017
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    Perfect. My Screen is blank. Theres nothing there. So I am so lost.
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    Aww, sorry it didn't work out. I emailed them on Friday when I thought that I couldn't get the info but no response yet...
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    Yes, I also emailed them since friday. I am hoping i get a response soon. Are you transferring from another college? If so, how are you going to do the transfer over to Delta?
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    Yea I transfered from the Los rios district. What do you mean do the transfer over to delta? I hope I didn't miss something?!
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    Did you just send them over electronically? Or will you walk them in when you drop off. How did they ask for those transcripts, I should say. Im sorry i realized it did not make sense but i am only allowed to post every 900 seconds lol

    I am just so unsure as to how they want everything. I wish I could speak to someone over the phone. I just don't want to run in to a set back. We only have 2 weeks to get it all together. I think i will only have 3 things to submit.
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    I put everything together in a manilla envelope and plan on taking it up there. I have all official transcripts since I didn't take my prerequisites at delta. Also I had to print out course descriptions for the prerqs. Once you see the list of required docs you won't feel as bad
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    Where ru transferring from?