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Hello everyone, I am applying to SJDC this semester as soon as the application is avaliable. I was curious if anyone knows what the cut off was for the last cohort? If anyone could let me know I... Read More

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    MJC and thank you. I hope i can get in to my app asap. I will keep you updated!! Ok I am going to go pick mine up asap. What is a course description? Is it part of the app process?
  2. by   Kdevinva26
    It will tell you on the list, but it's just a description of the course you took for instance anatomy and physiology... you'll want to print that out from the catalog year that you took it. It will be better explained on the sheet and you'll turn that in as well. Np
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    I finally got in to my app. So i have a question are you initialing check marking what you have to provide?
  4. by   Kdevinva26
    Yea, I'm checking everything that I am turning in.. it basically matches what you put on the initial application
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    Thank you, I just got all my stuff together. I just haven't printed out the course description. I will have to find it online. This is so crazy and it seems like so much work... But it has to be done.
  6. by   pmunoz07
    Could you please post the link to check status for the application. I can not find it in my email.