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I would be interested in hearing the contract terms other hospitals offer on sign-on bonuses, after my own recent (bad) experience with one. I recently accepted a full time position in this... Read More

  1. by   nurseknitty
    My "sign on bonus" of $4000 actually turned out to be $2000 for sign on, which I get (less taxes, of course) at the end of July, but am obligated to fulfill a year of service. Which I planned to do anyway. And then at the end of my year, I get another $2000 (less taxes), but would have to stay another year.

    No thanks on that second check. I will refuse it. Also, I will refuse the tuition reimbursement my employer offers, because for each semester they pay for, you have to work a year. And they tax the reimbursement. (Which somehow seems illegal, since taxes were already paid on the money previously)

    At the end of my year, I want nothing obligating me to my current hospital.