1. I read lots of your posts and decided to shadow a CNM before I plunge into RN school. right now, I am just in my 3rd semester of pre-reqs and I work and go to school part time. Also, I have 3 daughters. I can't afford to go to school and then not use it. Although I consider myself passionate about becoming a CNM, anyway I am beginning to ramble.

    What questions should I ask? What is expected of someone who is shadowing?

    I'm thinking be a fly on the wall and never ever ever disagree with the shadowee....but any thoughts would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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  3. by   NurseJacky
    My advice would be to question anything you don't won't learn anything by being a fly on the wall! And nurses are aces at patient teaching, so she should be able to answer anything you throw at her.
    What kind of work do you do? Is there any chance you could volunteer a day or two a month at a nursing home?
    That would be some eye-opening experience, lol.
  4. by   boggle
    Hi parker, my job site has specific tasks the shadow can do based on their prior education and experience. ( for example, putting hands on the patient, assisting with care.)

    Shadows are encouraged to ask questions, but cautioned that if it gets crazy on the floor, just follow your nurse, hang on and save questions for later. It can be a wild ride somedays!!!

    CNM? way cool!! Keep your eyes (and options) open as you progress through the nursing program. You may find other passions as you go.
  5. by   parker in arkie
    thanks both of you. I have worked LTC as an activity person..have my certificate for that. LTC was too heartbreaking.

    and great! Question i will. :-)

    right now, i work insurance follow-up. BORING... but it pays pretty well.