Serious Poll for my research paper...

  1. This is PART 1...

    I am doing a research paper for the critical care course that I am in and I need the opinions of ICU and Critical Care nurses especially. I'm having a hard time finding information on my topic on the WWW...not sure why.

    I'd really appreciate it if all the ICU and Critical care nurses could assist me in answering a few questions. I have 3 sets of questions, so I will have to see how this poll thing can accomodate it

    First off let me definine some things.


    A BAIS is defined as: "an inclination of temperament or outlook; especially a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment." Merriam and Webster Dictionary.

    Biases include: moral (is patient an alcoholic, drug abuser, obese?), racial (black,latin,white, etc?), socioeconomic (street-person vs. upperclass), gender, sexuality (gay, straight, transexual), age(young vs. old).


    Dean-Baar (1993) describes standards as "authoritative statements that describe... performance common to the profession."

    Ontario College of Nurses - "Standards of Practice articulate the expectations the public can have of a registered nurse in any practice setting, domain and/or role...
    are expected and achievable levels of practice against which actual performance can be measured."

    Thanks everyone.
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  2. Poll: Which statement best describes your feelings about your pt's in ICU/Critical Care?

    • 1) I don't think I have any personal biases.

      33.33% 7
    • 2) I have very few personal biases.

      33.33% 7
    • 3) I have some personal biases.

      19.05% 4
    • 4) I have many personal biases.

      14.29% 3
    21 Votes
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