Self Scheduling

  1. We have had many and frequent complaints about our scheduler. Do you self schedule? Does it work better? Are you usually able to cover ok? What about vacations?

    What are the drawbacks, if any, that you have experienced?

    I would think people would be happier if they could make their own!!!
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  3. by   indynurse#2
    Hello - We do "self scheduling" at the hospital where I work 3 twelve hour shifts - I think it is definitely the way to go - of course, I'm not the one who has to try and balance the schedule A few rules we have - we have to work at least one Friday and one Monday per each 4 week schedule and any large block of days off (usually any more than 4) has to be approved as a "vacation". We can use 2 "request" days meaning we absolutely can not be moved to those days when the schedule is balanced by our shift coordinator. One major drawback is that we have to do it so far in advance - we're already up to May! I hardly know what I'll be doing next week, let alone 3 months from now:chuckle
  4. by   Comicnurse
    We do the fixed schedule, and it goes like so:

    Work: M, T,
    Off: W, TH,
    Work: F, S, S
    Off: M, T,
    Work W, TH,
    Off: F, S, S

    The nurses love it! They always know when they will have to work. They have every other weekend off- three days in a row, and they never have to work more than three in a row. The only drawback is they get 4 hours of overtime on their long weeks. Some hospitals don't like this overtime. They look at the overtime as a perk!

    I hope I have helped