seeking info for nursing-related article for reader's digest

  1. I am a journalist writing a Reader's Digest article that is examining how patient safety is being affected by the growing reliance on unlicensed assistive personnel in hospitals and other health care settings. I have interviewed several RNs who have been very helpful but I am still looking for the following:
    --Examples of cases in which a patient has suffered harm as a result of an error or oversight by a UAP.
    --UAPs who would be willing to discuss their experiences, especially if they feel they have been put in situations where they must perform duties for which they haven't received adequate training or situations in which they felt patient safety was endangered because they were simply given too much responsiblity. (I know short-staffing in general is a problem that affects all members of the nursing staff and have heard plenty from RNs about this problem, but I need to include more input from UAPs themselves.)
    If anyone can provide information in either of these areas, I can be reached by phone at 914-271-7854. I do not have to use your real name in the article--I can simply refer to you as "a nurse in Illinois" or a nurse's aide in Florida, etc. Thank you.

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