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  1. I am currently an LVN in houston, tx and my scope of practice seems to be completely different that what i am reading from other states. I work on an intermediate care floor (step-up telemetry unit) and am allowed to push almost all IVP meds (except very rarely an uncommon med that's not commonly used), I can hang and titrate cardiac drips (cardizem, heparin, etc)I can start IV's, give all PO meds including chemo, do central line dsg changes, remove chest tubes, remove post-heart cath sheaths (with training). The only thing I cannot do that the other RN's on my floor can do is an admission assessment (I am responsible for the admission history), spike blood, and remove PICC lines, central lines, and IJ's.

    From what I hear from other facilities (even in my area) some places don't allow LVN's to push any IVP meds...I'm curious to find out how it is in other states. If everything goes well with school I should enter the bridge program this summer, but if not I'm considering travel nursing, so any help with be great!

    And regarding other posts about LVN's being phased out, there is one hospital in the area, the only one I know of, that has phased out LVN's -- put them in their subsidary clinics, but it won't last. There are plentiful jobs in every other hospital. At my hospital, LVN's cannot work ICU, CCU, NICU, or ER. I forgot to add LVN's on med/surg or general floors are not allowed to push IVP meds (except lasix).

    Salary here starts about $14 LVN, and $21 RN new grads, float pool is about $18-22 LVN and $28-35 RN.
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