School Nursing Association?

  1. Is anyone else involved in the school's Nursing Assoc.? What events and fun things do you do with it? How often do you have meetings and such? Any adivice on it would be nice from anyone. We are trying to get our Assoc. back up to par!
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  3. by   WhyO
    When I was in SNA, we did many different things from organizing blood drives on campus, worked to assist families with disadvantages (christmas tree gifts, food drive ect ), Walk for a Cure, did a quilt sqare for hiv/aids, volunteered with a local Hiv/Aids community group center, and others I can't remember... it has been four years so i am a little shaky on exact examples.

    We also had fundraisers for the group itself... parties for nurse students and family at christmas and mid way through the year, bake sales (not my fav but it worked) , we all went to downtown local businesses for donations for raffles on campus, ect. We sold jackets, bags and shirts with our university's logo with SNA or RN for students and professors/staff...

    We had monthly meetings for SNA'er complete with lunch (to help get good attendance) and reallly worked to get everyone involved NOT just the officers. We seemed to have a pretty active and close group so it was a lot of fun... usually!

    hope that gives you some ideas....