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  1. I just received a call yesterday informing me that I got the new grad position on ortho/neuro that I interviewed for on Thursday

    I wil be working 72/hr every 2 wks, 8 hr shifts 50/50 days/nights and EOW and from talking to other students, this arrangement seems rather common. My question is how do you think that may be spaced out? I'm not as concerned about the days or nights aspect as much as how many days in a row etc. I'm trying to plan for daycare arrangements and planning a life now that I'm less than 40 days from graduation :spin: and I guess I'm just really exicted which would explain why I am on at 0500 asking this instead of just waiting until Monday to call the director

    Thanks for your input.
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  3. by   TrudyRN
    What I have seen is:
    Sat on Sun on Mon on Tue off Wed on Thu on Fri on
    Sat off Sun off Mon on Tue on Wed on Thu off Fri on and it repeats.
    The trouble is when you must work N before your day(s) off and then come back on D shift and/or when your days off change.

    Of course, your schedule will not always have regular days off. You might be off Mon instead of Tue. Or off Wed. Or God knows what else. Your boss will have to have you cover for vacations, sick calls, vacancies, maternity, bereavement, military leaves, etc.

    When, as as new grad, I was offered a D/N rotation position, I opted for a straight 3-11 job instead. I didn't want to have to try to work nights at all, let alone keep going back and forth, which I thought would be horrible. If your children are young and you will see them during the day, consider a straight 3-11 shift. Or straight nights (if you can't get straight days). At least, you will see them regularly.

    If you have older kids who are in school all day, and you are working 3-11, you will never see them or get to go to their plays, games, concerts, etc.

    I hope this helps. I hope you can pin your boss down to give you regular days off so you can plan at least somewhat.
  4. by   SanskeetRN
    Thanks Trudy. Your advice is very helpful and covered many things I have contimplated.

    I am going to be rather pegged in for the first year with this schedule I think. I asked for 12 hr shifts(so I wouldn't have to work as many days/ppp) but they don't have those for new grads and the only other option was day/evening but like you mentioned, I would miss a lot of kid things. I have 3kids in school and one at home until next year (then I plan to work straight nights if I can).

    I will just have to make the best of it and figure if I can make it through nursing school, I can make one year of this!