Scared - Address Change Mistake!

  1. Moved August of 2016 to Texas, the state i have my licensure through, and I somehow forgot to submit an address change to the TX BON.. On the website, it states that it should be done within 10 days. My license is current and does not expire for a couple more months, so I shouldn't have missed any communication from them. I sent the documentation via email today and I'm going to call them tomorrow as soon as they open. I'm SO scared there will be some kind of penalty!
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  3. by   jiyun1027
    Were you be able to change the address without penalty?
    I also have a question about it.. could you send me an email?

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  4. by   karasheppard
    I haven't received anything in the mail about a penalty, but I have received one of the quarterly publications at the 'new' address..
  5. by   jiyun1027
    Did you call the BON ? Did you ask about the 10 days rule?
    Has your address changed on the BON website?

    I am just so confused with BON website and just want some answers... this nurse changed her address months later and was okay... I have heard someone's license was revoked due to late address change

    It is SCARY

    By the way.. I am glad you answered!! I didnt expect you would come back to reply. Thanks!
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  6. by   karasheppard
    It's terrifying!! When i called them, they just took a look at my account, told me that there were no holds, etc..and said it would take a few days to get it updated. My address has been updated on the site, so I think I'm okay *fIngers crossed*
  7. by   jiyun1027
    No holds...? I wonder what that means... Did you have to fill out a permanent residency form?? I actually don't know what that is for.
    My friend, I must tell you.. You had a gut to mention about passing 10 days !! I probably only would've asked if I need to provide moving dates or something.. lol
    But did they specifically mention about 10 days rule?
    I was just going to send an email without calling them or asking about 10 days. I first thought I had to send some proofs of residency or something.
    Maybe I should go ahead just send an email... :/
  8. by   karasheppard
    I don't remember if I mentioned it specifically because I was so nervous on the phone, but I knew they would find out that it was passed when they looked at my email. I filled out the residency form, attached it and my driver's license in an email with some other info - it's outlined on the site - and immediately received a confirmation that they had received the email.. probably an auto response.
  9. by   jiyun1027
    Okay.. were you asked to fill out that form? Because it was passed..? How would they know when they looked at your email..?
    So your address was changed after about a year..?
    I am just desperate for some clues .. sorry if I am asking too many questions!
  10. by   karasheppard
    I lived in PA when I got my license through TX (July '16) because I knew that I was moving to TX in August '16. Since my TX driver's license is dated for August '16, they would've known the 10 days had passed because I submitted the request in July '17. The BON website has instructions explaining what to do (that's how I found out that I needed to fill out the form) and what information to provide in your email.