Same symptoms about ice water!!!! MS?? Help!

  1. There was a previous post on here about a lady whose mother was recently diagnosed with DM and also felt like she has ice water running through her veins. I have the same thing! Sometimes very dizzy, feel as though I have stepped on or off an elevator, like the floor is moving. Also, today felt like I had water or ice running through my legs. Actually checked to see if they were wet because the sensation is so real and scary! Lately I have also had severe weakness in the muscles in my legs, sometimes arms. Anywho, I have been having weird symptoms for a little while but I do not have diabetes as my blood sugar is normal.

    The other thing too is strange headaches, like zapping or electrical shocking pain that feels like I am being stabbed in one spot. Only lasts 2-3 seconds. Sometimes radiates over my eyebrow, cheek, and by my chin.

    I am only 25! Too young to be having all these strange things! Any ideas?
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