safe patient handling/back safety policies

  1. I am part of a new committee at work that is updating/changing some of our policies and introducing new policies for safe patient handling.
    Some of the things we are talking about include: transfering patients, moving patients in bed, lifting patients. we will discuss new equipment, identify problem areas etc... This is a big project and it is hard for me to put into words what our true GOAL is-well, that is obvious I guess. Decrease the number of staff injuries and patient injuries (though there aren't many of those where I work) I do work in rehab, so we can't have a no lift policy as many hospitals do. Our patients HAVE to have our help to get up and so forth. SOOOOO-one thing I am doing is a staff survey and I'd like some input here too!
    Some topics:
    What location do you find the hardest to transfer in?
    What transfer do you find is the hardest?
    What makes a transfer difficult or easy?
    Would you be interested in core strengthening tips?
    What kind of new equipment would you like to see in our facility?
    Which transfers put you at high risk for injury? What about patient injury?
    What parts of the body do you find you "injure" the most?
    Would you use a sliding board more often if more available?
    Do you feel that an additional grab bar in the bathrooms would be helpful?

    This site: What equipment do you use in your facilities that help save your backs/knees/arms???
    Please give me any more thoughts/concerns that I may pass on to the committee at our next meeting. As a "survivor" of back injury myself, I am excited to see where we can go with this
    Thank you!!!!
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