1. hi,
    this is my first message. anybody out there had experience doing roster for ward nurses. i have been doing it on and off for 3 years. the hospital i'm working does not have a guidelines as to how one should go about with such task. i was appalled when i first discoverd this. i have spoken to my supervisor re need to have a guidelines. this will curb abuses. she felt there is no necessity because they have been doing it for decades.
    i showed her the abuses done by previous roster makers and how some nurses ends up without weekend off for weeks and months. they are usually foreign nurses. unfortunately nothing happen. the amazing thing is inspite of creating so much waves and sometime storm she still assigned me to do roster. i do not enjoy cleaning someone elses mess and doing damage control. you become unpopular in certain camp.
    however i will strive for justice. we have to be fair to our staff. if there is anybody out there that knows of a guidelines or protocol to setting roster please contact me.

    right here waiting
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