RN's and CPT coding

  1. I have heard from two people that they are making tons of money coding. They also said there is a great demand for RN coders, due to changes in the coding system. I have found a website RN coder.com that says how great the opportunites are, but they are hawking their $1500.00 seminar! Does anyone know anything about the actual jobs for RN's in coding?
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  3. by   Mayflye
    Before I graduated from nursing school, I worked as a coder for a large cardiology group. I took a course and joined the American Association of Procedural Coders. I made about $10 an hour. I've never heard of an RN coder, but I'd be interested to find out.
  4. by   RN30years
    I worked for a utilization review/case management company. we certified procedures and hospital stays we used cpt codes and icd-9 codes while doing this. But that was a small part of our job. we took clinical info pertaining to pts' illness and certified hospital stays for medical necessity. this is becoming a big buisness not only in insurance, all hospitals have ur/case managment dept ....maybe this was what the seminar was for???
    you must hold a licence in order to do UR or case management could be PT OP RN LSW don't know if this helps you any