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  1. I'm moving to memphis, so does anyone know what facility and possibly specialty pays the most? also I have a neice that wants to be a physical therapist in memphis and I told her she can at least get her foot in the door by becoming a physical therapy aide. Now do they have on-the-job training for that? if so, where, or does she have to apply in a program? I know this is a nurses site but maybe someone may know. Thanks
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  3. by   memphispanda
    It's all relative...
    Baptist has the reputation of paying the most. They also have the reputation of giving you huge pt loads. I haven't worked there, so I don't know firsthand what they pay or anything.

    I have no idea what St. Francis pays, but they are opening a new 90 bed hospital this month.

    Methodist supposedly pays the least but gives you more manageable pt loads.

    There are a few other small facilities as well--Delta Medical Center and a few others. Don't know about pay there. Also some psych facilities if that floats your boat.

    Best bet would be to contact recruitment and ask about pay ranges. Remember there is more to a job than money though.

    As far as the PT goes, I know there are training programs in town. I haven't seen anyone do on the job training for that position. After checking the TN regulations, they require graduation from a school accredited by CAPTE to become licensed as a physical therapy assistant.