RN refresher considering nursing home job. PRN pay in NC?

  1. I am an RN, BSN that has 3 years experience in acute care (oncology and same day surgery) and one year experience in a rehabilitation hospital. I have just completed NC's RN refresher program (I didn't work as a nurse for 12 years, so I could stay home with my kids), and I am considering working PRN in a nearby nursing home. A friend who started there as a new grad said she made $22/hr when they hired her. Their application asks what I would expect in salary. I have experience, but it is from 12 yrs ago--would that still count? Also, if I work PRN (with no benefits) how much more could I expect in pay? In my area, the nursing homes are usually paying more than the hospitals (about $2 more an hour). Here is what I am guessing: if a new grad made $22/hr, a nurse with 1-4 yrs experience might make $24/hr. If that same nurse worked PRN, she might make $27-$29/hr. Am I on the right track? Am I even in the ballpark? I don't want to short change myself. Thank you so much for your help!
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