RN Navy Wife, Advice needed!

  1. Hello all! I left my PACU RN position at the end of July 2017 after being at that facility for 2 years and moved from Virginia to Florida to be with my husband while he is in school for the Navy. I am currently pregnant with our second child due in January and my daughter is 5 and in Kindergarten. Due to his hectic school schedule and duties on base, I have not been able to find a fitting job around being a somewhat single mom. We don't have a support system here, hes in school from 12pm and usually doesn't get home til around 12am depending on how late classes run and with PT. My daughter is in school from 7am-2pm and after-school care only runs until 5pm. I endorsed my license here in FL with the intent to work and still have my compact license from VA. He is up for orders in January when he graduates and we will be relocating again at that time after our son is born. I'm concerned with the lapse in time that it may not look good on my resume to be idle for so long. I'm looking for recommendations on how to keep my skillset current and knowledge base sharp. I had considered taking classes towards my BSN in the meantime, however those plans fell through due to me not working and being able to fund them. I'm not used to being idle and am having difficulty with just riding the tide so to speak. Any and all advice and recommendations are greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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