Return to Nursing....What r my career options

  1. I have a current New York State RN license and registration with all mandatory CE up-to-date. I have 2 years of actual nursing experience. One year physician's office and one year pediatric nursing. This was in 1979-80. I left nursing because I could not detach myself from my peds patients.....always brought it home. I returned to school completed a degree in Business Administration & IT. Worked in the business/technical world for approx. 17 years. I have outstanding written, verbal and computer skills. Excel in organization and prioritization of tasks. Love to interface with people. My current job is being best-shored to India. I am thinking of returning to nursing. I cannot do shift work because of a complicated home situation. Where do I start......I am definitely thinking of taking a refresher course. But outside of that......where should I look for a position that would be a stepping stone to ease back into nursing, so that I am not overwhelmed? Is there something that I could do in the Nursing field, where I could utilize my current communication and computer skills (I do not code, so informatics would not be a choice)? I was also considering utilization reviews, medical coding and insurance claim processing? What do you think of those options? Is there a specific specialty that's very much in demand, that I should persue......via extra training or courses? Thank you for any help you can provide.
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    [font="comic sans ms"]our information systems department has nurses on staff to help with the wide variety of software that nurses use. these nurses do the training with new hires, education of staff on new upgrades or enhancements, and research and test new software products.

    another option for you might be in the education dept of a facility. there you may teach/recertify bls, acls, pals etc..., maintain education/licensure records of staff, and offer ceu opportunities to nurses.

    i wish you the best in whatever you decide!
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    Where do these positions usually LTC facilities, hospitals, etc.? When I do a search via Careerbuilder or, do these positions have specific titles? Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.