Resume for a new grad

  1. I am a new LVN and just starting the job hunt. I have some experience as a MA but that was many, many years ago. My question is:
    Is it appropriate to put my clinical experience on my resume? I would be sure to clearly mark that this is clinical experience and not job experience. My program allowed me to have a pretty diverse training schedule. Since I have no recent experience, I was hoping that this can be used in my favor.

    Oh, also, is it appropriate to note on my resume that I graduated 2nd in my class? It was a class of 16 but it was still 2nd.

    Any opinions would be very helpful!
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  3. by   Jen1228
    I put my school clinical on my resume. I have "Three semesters of medical-surgical experience", etc. In nursing school, they told us it was appropriate since it applied to the job. As far as putting 2nd in your class, I don't know. I was 3rd but dont put it. Maybe put "Graduated in the top whatever percentile" then you wouldn't even have to say it was a class of 16. Still impressive by the way.
  4. by   anc33
    I highlighted some of the clinical experiences that I had in school on my resume. I briefly mentioned how many hours I completed in my rotations and in my capstone. I went into a little more detail about my capstone rotation as I was applying to jobs in that area after school. I did mention my GPA under the education section of my resume but it probably wasn't needed.
  5. by   pinktwink6
    I originally did list my clinical experience on my resume, until I sat through a lecture from a HR person at an area hospital. She said that since we passed nursing school she is assuming that we successfully completed clinical rotations while in school. So I am not sure if she was making it sound like she preferred not to have that info on there or if it is just something that is not required.
  6. by   MyMysMum
    Thanks for the input so far. I have heard this go both ways and just don't have any idea. On my resume I can put great job stability and my references are great. I just don't have tons of actual hands on experience...except school.

    BTW: Thanks Jen1228 for your suggestion on adding percentile instead of the # I graduated. That is a great way to put it! Congrats to you on #3. That IS A HUGE ACHIEVMENT!
  7. by   Jen1228
    You're welcome and thanks! Good luck with the job hunt. Glad I could help.