Resources for aiding people to get their prescriptions page 4

  1. Mcneil Pharmaceutical 800 682 6532 products include: prescription products according to approved labeled indications and dosage regimens

    Merck Human health division: 800 672 6372 many merck products

    Miles Inc. Pharmaceutical : all Miles inc prescription medications used as recommended in prescribing infrmation

    Novartis 800 257 3273 products inlcude aredia, actigall, desferal, diovan, dynacirc, estraderm, femara, lmaisil, lamprene, lotensin, lotension HCT, lotrel, metopirone, micalcin, voltaren XR

    Ortho biotech 800 533 3851 products inlcude procrit, leustatin

    Parke-davis 908 725 1247 products inlcude most Parke-davis meds including accuril, cilatin, cognex, lipitor, loestrin, neurotin, zarotin

    Pfizer, Inc 800-646 4455 products include diflucan and all other Pfizer products

    Pharmacia and Upjohn 800 242 7014 products include adriamycin, adrucil, others

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