Resources for aiding people to get their prescriptions page 3

  1. Fisons Pharmaceuticals no phone products inlcude gastrocrom capsules
    Gastrocon Patient assistance Program
    PO Box 1766
    Rochester, NY 14603-1766

    Genetech inc 800-879-4747 products inlcude actimmune, activase, nutrpoin

    Glaxo wellcome 800-722-9294 products include aleran, zofran, zovirax, blenoxane, myleran, navelbine others

    Hoechst-Marion Roussel inc 800-221-4025 products inlcude carafate, diabeta, lasix, trental and others

    Immunex 800-466-8639 products inlcude leukine, novantrone, thrioplex, others

    Jansen 800-544-2987 products include duragesic, imodium, nizoral, propulsid, vermox, ergamisol, hismanal, sporanox

    Knoll Pharmaceuticals Co 800-524 2474 products include isoptin, rythmol, santyl, snnthroid, tarka, mavik

    Liposome Co Finanial assistance program: 800 335 5476 products inlcude abelcet
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