Resources for aiding people to get their prescriptions

  1. I'm not sure if everyone here is already aware of these resources. If you are ..great! if not, maybe these will be of help.

    There are many programs available to assist patients in obtaining their prescriptions at a lower cost.

    For low income seniors:
    Pfizer has this link:
    I believe to qualify, seniors must have a gross income <18,000 or < 24,000 for couples. The site gives more details. It's called the share card.

    GSK ( glaxosmithkline) offers an "orange card" . Those eligible are senior citizens age 65 and older and the disabled who are enrolled in Medicare who:

    Have annual incomes at or below 300% of the federal poverty level (annual incomes at or below $26,000 single or $35,000 for a couple) and
    Lack public or private insurance programs or other pharmaceutical benefit programs, such as Medicaid. Applying for the GSK Orange Card is free and easy. Applications are available through healthcare providers or by calling a toll-free number: 1-888-ORANGE6. The Orange Card application process begins immediately and participants can begin using the card on January 1, 2002.
    I believe it is still offered. You can go to their site:

    Also, Eli Lilly offers a card called Lilly Answers. Call 1-877-795-4559 or visit

    Novartis has a Care Card call 866-974-2273. I believe it's 12 bucks a month per prescription.

    You can also visit Several drug makers are associated here.

    And before I list each drug maker's phone numbers for their own patient assistance programs, here's one more link that contains many types of assistance programs.

    Then we get into the medication manufacturers' indigent drug programs. Amounts and eligiblity vary program to program. Each drug company has their own programs. And yes, I have actually been able to secure medications for patients who could not afford them through these programs. I did it when I worked in a clinic and doctor's office.

    You must look up the maker for each drug you are trying to get. Then find the maker's name on this list ( 6 pages in all). Call the tollfree number provided and ask for an application. They will mail the application out to the patient for completion. If required by the drug company, they may have to then take the application to their doctors office, have the md sign it and return it to the patient. Who then sends it in the the company. They wait to see if they have been approved. If they are, the medication ( usually a 3 month supply) will be mailed out, usually to the doctor's office. Who then in turn calls the patient to come pick it up. There may be a 5 dollar fee to cover shipping and handling. That's the worst of it. Once in a program, they can get refills q 3 months without having to redo all the paperwork until 1 year has gone by.

    3M Pharmaceuticals 800-328-0255 most drugs sold by 3M
    Allergan, Inc 800-347-4500 ext 6421 products include: betagen, alphagan, epifrin

    Alza Pharmaceuticals 415-962-4243 products include ditrpan xl, ehtyol injection, progesatser, testoderm, urispas

    Amgen 888 272 9376 products include epogen (only for dialysis patients) neupogen

    Anesta 877 229 1241 products include actiq

    Astra USA, Inc. 800-488-3247 products include foscavir injections

    Baxter healthcare corp 800 423 2090 prodcuts include gammagard S/D

    Bayer corp 800-998 9180 products include adalat, adalat cc, anaguard, anakit, biltricide, chlo-amine, cipro, cortdome supp, domepaste, mezlan....

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