Research RN - in the process of obtaining CRNI - looking for guidance.

  1. Hello fellow nurses! I am currently an infusion nurse at a Research company. I am under the Neuro team (focuses on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and MS trials)- but also infuse for the Gen/Pain Med team, as well as Phase 1 trials.

    I was the first infusion RN at my company so I have had to really pave the way and have been blindly feeling my way through this position. I have been able to grow the infusion team over the last year and now have another RN and a CMA.

    The other RN on my team and myself have registered to take the CRNI exam in January. We are so excited to grow our skill set as well as our resume.

    We have not been able to find much information on Infusion Nursing compensation and then Infusion RN's holding a CRNI certification compensation ranges. I know that this varies depending on location- but as we are the first in our company to hold these positions, we have to do our own research to bring to the table for compensation changes.

    Outside of home infusion nursing, do any RN's out there work in Research infusion therapy settings?

    And does anyone have any insight on what kind of compensation bump would be a realistic ask once the CRNI certification has been obtained?

    Any information from fellow research nurses, infusion nurses, and CRNI holders would be so GREATLY appreciated.
    We would love some guidance as we navigate our way through the next step in growing our career.


    Also, any information on the best ways to prepare to sit for the CRNI would be awesome.

    Thank you everyone!!!
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