Reporting a nurse who has been arrested and charged with meth.

  1. I would like to know :
    1. How many nurses out there have reported to the attorney general or the state board about any nurses that
    have been convicted of delivery of an uncontrolled substance?

    2. What response did you receive or actions were taken against
    the accused nurse?

    3. Were you satisfied with the outcome?

    4. How would you feel about working with an employee
    that has been convicted of this crime, served less than 3 out of 6 months jail and on probation for two years?

    5. Do you feel that even though it was your obligation to notify the attorney general or state board (according to the nurse practice act) that it was a waste of your time and that the nurse that was charged can continue to keep her nursing license?

    6. What do you think should happen to such nurses when they are reported and they do have a criminal record now?

    7. How many know of such a nurse but decided to say and do nothing - letting the employer or other nurses report it or not report it at all?

    Thanks for your input.
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