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Reading through the various replies sounds like we are at my hospital in Ohio. We are also experiencing a nursing shortage that is greatly impacting patient care. I agree with you that we need to... Read More

  1. by   BethanyJ
    Hello everyone! Oh you guys have done such a great job! I thank you all for your efforts! Hugs to all!!!!
    Barton, I've had another thought...suppose we should get a new topic list going re: nursing issues/concerns and how they affect our patient care? After we've gotten a few responses we can forward the entire page to our legistlators, ANA, etc. along with our other little notes of concern. Just a thought....
    We can also continue to spread the word about this BB in our workplaces to fellow nurses....just post the web site on education/general news bulletin boards in the workplace and advertise it as a great nursing resource...which it is.