Renewal . . . I need advice ASAP. Thank you.

  1. Sometimes I wonder about myself. I'll only need my CNA Cert. for another couple of months . . . but it expired 2 days ago . . . I NEVER recieved any renewal forms, so therefore I spaced it out. I checked the site, and sure enough it has expired. Anywho, is there a form online or a phone number I can request a form . . . and I forgot how long it takes to renew these things . . .I am on a LOA to reduce stress until the 9th . . . this aint helping wondering if I'll be able to work or not after the 9th, not knowing how long its going to take. I HAVE to work. In a few weeks I have to go out of town for clinicals, and I'll need gas money, motel money, and of course food! LOL. That's why I am so spun about this. Thank you in advance.

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  3. by   Jolie
    Check with your BON. I don't know about California, but in IL, the online renewal is MUCH faster (and probably more reliable) than the old mail-it-in method.
  4. by   DaretoDreamRN
    Happened to me about 2 yrs ago. Mine had expired for about 3 weeks. I didnt have to wait at all. I went there with my money order and the form filled and walked out with my license an hour later. This is for Maryland though. I believe you get a 30 day or more grace period. Its faster if you go in person