registering and scheduling woes

  1. Hey everyone,
    Sorry to post this but just have to vent to someone. I am starting my first semester of college prereqs this summer. So I started the admission process way back in Jan. by turning in all my paperwork that was needed. So here we are 3 wks. into early registration and the college still has not "processed" my info so I can't sign up for classes. And as of 5 min. ago there was only 1 seat left in one of the classes I want to take this summer !!
    URGGGGHH !!! My advisor said that she was going to go to Admissions today to try and straighten it out herself but we'll see how well that goes !! Sorry but just had to vent. Anyone else have this problem ??
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  3. by   Juswonderin
    oh no, i hope i dont run into the same thing i am putting my application in today for september for part time to get all my prerec's.

    Where did you apply?
  4. by   kellilou3
    A similar thing happened to me this semester (also my first semester), and I was told by an advisor to keep checking the schedule over the next few months, because people will drop "like flies" before school starts. I was told by another student to be especially sure to check on it the day after payments were due, and there will be a ton of seats open. Hope this helps!
  5. by   CVnurse08
    Thanks for the replies. Today things actually got worked out for now, I think.
    I checked online and I got signed up for both of the classes I needed. I got the very last seat in one of the classes !! I am sorry you all are also having trouble. I hope it works out well for you. And lets hope we don't have to go through this in the fall !!