Recruiting new students to nursing

  1. I am a 21 year-old male and I am presently certified as an EMT, and I am pursuing my CNA so I can pick up a few shifts in our local ICU. I am baffled by the stringent requirements still in place at nursing schools. For the past two years I have worked to broaden my horizons in the medical field, and I have done my fair share of research. To be facing such a shortage nationwide as we are in nursing, I would think that the first place you need to change is in the schools. I think a better job needs to be done to promote nursing as a viable career path, not only for women, but for the virtually untapped male "market". We need more openings in these programs so that more students are allowed to begin their training to become RNs, myself included. I am enrolling in the fall to earn credits in the prerequisites. I would like any feedback from anyone who has an opinion. I have obtained medical related certs. and have volunteered countless hours at local hospitals to try and demonstrate to the admissions staff that I am dedicated and that I posess the necessary intangibles that make good nurses. Please give freely of your advice and experience, as I am prepared to absorb anything that will make me a better nurse/student.
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  3. by   Nurz2B
    I totally agree with you. Nurses are needed so badly yet when you get in nursing school they make it so difficult to make it out.
    Nursing is hard by nature but all the extra stuff (boot camp) they put you through is ridiculous. I think the instructors forget what it was like to be a student- no one is infallible, but some instructors expect you to be. I graduate in August (thank God) and if I someday become an instructor I will not forget I was a student.

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