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  1. Hi all. It has been a while since I posted. I just wanted to update you all on how things are going with my first nursing job. I finished my first week of orientation today, and oh my god... How the heck do you guys do it. They throw so much information at you, it is overwhelming. I am afraid I am not going to remember something and end up hurting someone. I start on the floor on Tuesday. Maybe I am crazy, but it seemed that during the classes the instructors emphasized the implications of a law suit more then anything else. This makes me very nervous. Is that common? Well, thanks for all of your encouragement throughout this process. It is nice to know I have a place to go and talk with other people who know what I am going through.

    Have a good weekend and I'll keep you posted.
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  3. by   BuffaloLPN
    just wanted to say hi! and best wishes to another buffalo nurse. all the info is overhelming at first but you will get the hang of it. Best of luck